I am a husband, father and lawyer in New Jersey, who cares a great deal about the state of my world, my country and my state.  I feel compelled to offer my thoughts, and I try to do so as objectively as possible.

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  1. kelly

    I just found this blog. As you are fully aware, I have the utmost respect for your character/opinion. I will read your blog, and I’m sure, often bite my tongue (fingers) so as not to debate every single issue. I truly respect and love you and your family for who you are and what you stand for (although I may be on the totally opposite side of most issues). I look forward to following your blog to increase my perspective. kel

    • Kelly,

      Thanks for reading. It is good to disagree. Take Paul Ryan as an example. I totally agree that we need to adjust our spending or risk financial catastrophe. Ithink he is correct to point to our current debt and the inevitable path it will put us on. However, I think it is still too soon to start taking the medicine, because the economy is too fragile. When things hopefully start improving a bit, then let the debate begin on how we make those cuts. When that time comes, however, I will likely be advocating that the ultra rich, who pay effective tax rates well below yours or mine, need to kick in more than they do now. And you know I love you brother. Too often in the din of the debate the opposing sides forget that, aside from those who enter into the fray seeking some personal benefit, we are all in this to improve our country and our world. Our planet has the resources to support us all, we humans should be all about making sure that happens in a system that is fair and allows us to flourish in freedom.

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